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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 14, 2010

Georgia Universities Ban Undocumented Immigrants From Attending

Wednesday, a decision by the Georgia State Board of Regents banned unauthorized immigrants from attending the 35 schools that make up the University System of Georgia that includes Georgia Tech and Georgia State regardless of their ability to pay.

The ban that would take place next fall, giving favored admission to legal Georgia residents, while unauthorized immigrants will not be given the opportunity to enroll in a college that “has rejected academically qualified applicants for the past two academic years because of a lack of space or other issues.”

The Board of Regents, also approved legal penalties for providing incorrect information on tuition-related forms.  It is assumed that undocumented students were lying on their applications identifying themselves as legal residents or citizens thereby qualifying for admission and state tuition aid if needed.

In the past students who did not provide appropriate documentation like a social security number were allowed to attend public universities as long as they paid out-of-state tuition rates, with this ban that option is no longer available to them.  The ban will effect approximately 500 currently enrolled Georgia university students.