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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 26, 2010

Gay Weddings a Boom to Argentina’s Economy

Argentina is seeing businesses catering to same-sex weddings booming and more being created everyday.  Since the country, the first in Latin America, legalized same-sex marriages five months ago it is seeing hundreds of gay couples taking their vows and sparing no expense to do so.

Five hundreds same-sex marriages have been registered in the country and many more are planned for the upcoming New Year.  Businesses like Gay Planners, Delicias Gourmet and others cater to couples every need.  More than 300 businesses supplying everything from flowers to wedding attire for same-sex marriages have sprung up since July 22, 2009, when the legislation was passed.

What’s the draw?  Gay couples are outspending their heterosexual counterparts by more than 30 percent. While an average cost of a heterosexual wedding is $12,500, homosexual couples are spending $25,000. There are also many foreign same-sex couples coming to have their wedding in the country, especially in Buenos Aires, because their native country doesn’t recognize their union as legal.