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Latino Daily News

Friday March 29, 2013

Galapagos Islands Open World’s First Eco-Friendly Airport Terminal

Galapagos Islands Open World’s First Eco-Friendly Airport Terminal

Photo: Galapagos Ecological Airport (Ecogal)

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The world’s first eco-friendly air terminal began operating fully this week on Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, the airport management company Ecogal said.

The passenger terminal began partial operations in December before it was completely finished because it was still waiting for material from the old building.

Now that those materials have been incorporated, “the world’s first eco-friendly airport is finished and ready,” said a communique from the Galapagos Ecological Airport, or Ecogal, a unit of Argentina’s Corporacion America, one of the world’s largest airport operators.

An Ecogal official told Efe Thursday the new terminal covers 6,000 sq. meters (64,500 sq. feet) and represents an investment of more than $24 million.

The new complex prioritizes the use of solar energy, the recycling of water and the use of wind power, among other environmental innovations integrated into the technology.

The new building is oriented to prevailing winds in order to make maximum use of the area’s airflow, which allows the average temperature inside the terminal to be lowered without the use of air conditioning and allows the amount of sunlight to be regulated with greater control.

At the same time, the new location of the terminal ensures that emissions from airplanes, either stationary or in movement, do not enter the terminal building and softens the noise heard by passengers.