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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 3, 2011

Gabriel García Marquez’s “La Candida Erendira” Premieres In Washington

Gabriel García Marquez’s “La Candida Erendira”  book will come to life as a play and premieres In Washington.  The play, directed by Colombian director Jorge Alí Triana will show in the Gala Hispanic Theater.

For the next four weeks, the Gala Hispanic Theater in Washington will be as hot as any of the scenarios so picturesquely told by García Márquez in his stories and novels.

Gala Hispanic Theater is celebrating its 35th year of promoting Hispanic arts in the US, and as part of the celebration, they have decided to bring to the stage a classic of Colombian literature: “La Increíble Historia de la Cándida Eréndira y su Abuela Desalmada” (The Incredible Story of the Candid Eréndira and her Soulless Grandmother), the García Marquez story that tells the story of a young girl who is forced into prostitution by her grandmother, as a sort of settlement for having accidentally burnt her house.

The play premieres tonight and will count on a combination of actors who travelled from New York and Colombia, as well as performers from the Gala Theater Company.

The evil grandmother will be played by actress Laura García, while the Colombian Paula Baldión will be in charge of breathing life into the Eréndira character.  Chilean Ignacio Meneses will be Ulises, the young man who falls in love with Eréndira and offers her a road to freedom.

“It is not about illustrating a novel in the stage, that would be lazy. Each reader in its own imagination sees the story in a different way. It is better to translate it to another language, so the audience is not looking for the story, but watching a play that is very faithful to the original sense of the story,” said the director Jorge Alí Triana, who has been preparing the production for the last two months.

The 80 minute long play will be performed on a spinning stage, and promises to be full of elements reminiscent of García Márquez’s “Magic Realism.”

Colombian Ambassador to the US Gabriel Silva has been billed as honorary sponsor for this production, that will grace the Gala stage until February 27.