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Latino Daily News

Tuesday June 14, 2011

G-Lo Becomes the Lord Of the Rings in San Fernando, CA

The Mexican-American comedian is footing the bill for the Championship rings for the San Fernando High School baseball team!

The High School baseball team that back in 1979 saw comedian George Lopez among its players, won the Division One title last week at Dodger Stadium.

Seeing as most of the team comes from low-income families, the kids resorted to selling t-shirts, to raise funds to purchase their $400 a pop champion rings.

George López had a different idea.

“Lopez told coach Armando Gomez he wanted to buy the players their rings. That amounts to about 30 rings, for players and coaches, to the tune of $400 apiece or $12,000 total,” wrote ESPN.com

López also invited the youths to his show, whenever the rings are ready, in about 10 weeks. G-Lo’s only request? He wants a ring of his own.

“I was so grateful for the generosity he’s shown toward us,” said coach Armando Gómez. “I told him, ‘You can have whatever you want.’ ”