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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 19, 2011

Futbolist Salvador Cabañas’ Shooter Captured in Mexico City

When futbolist Salvador Cabañas, who played for Paraguay and Mexico’s teams, was shot everyone knew who did it, the problem was finding the elusive Jose Balderas Garza.

Garza had been in hiding for nearly a year after shooing Cabanas in the bathroom of a bar in Mexico on January 25, 2010– the entire incident was captured on video tape.  The two men had argued over Mexican futbol allegedly, whereas Cabañas maintains he was shot during a robbery attempt.

Garza is also suspected to being the financial operative of a drug cartel.  He was captured with six other men in Mexico City carrying guns and cocaine.

Cabanas, 30 years-old, was shot in the head, survived and the bullet remains lodged in his head.  He was the most prolific goal maker for all the Americas in 2007 and had strong seasons all the way up to the day he was shot.  It is not known if he will every play again.