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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 12, 2011

Futballer Wife Murdered on Her Honeymoon, Three Hotel Employees Charged

The brutal and tragic killing of Michaela Harte McAreavey in Mauritius has been solved when three hotel workers were charged, thereby removing any suspicion that might have been cast on her futballer husband.

The 27-year old beauty was honeymooning in Mauritius with her husband, futball star John McAreavey, when she was found strangled in a bathtub in her luxurious honeymoon suite.  The couple was married in Ireland on December 30th.

Police are speculating that Michaela returned to her room leaving her husband in the Legend Hotel restaurant and surprised the three suspects who were robbing the room. 

It is believed she died from asphyxiation and then placed in a bathtub full of water to make it look like she drowned, which is the way her husband found her.