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Latino Daily News

Friday December 24, 2010

Furious Passengers Riot in Buenos Aires, Leaving Several Injured (VIDEO)

Furious Passengers Riot in Buenos Aires, Leaving Several Injured (VIDEO)

Photo: Buenos Aires Riots

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Rioting in Buenos Aires yesterday by outsourced workers stranded thousands of rail commuters. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has vowed to take criminal actions against those who disrupted rail service on the eve of the Christmas holiday.

Passengers were furious after seven hours of interrupted services when the private owners of the Constitutional Terminal announced the terminal would be closing. The violence that erupted surprised law enforcement and even the protestors.  The extremely hot humid day broke out into a frenzy of stone throwing, tear gas, water cannons, smashing and looting of stores while the police tried to control the situation.

Eventually special riot police were call in and order was restored.

The outsourced protestors leader: Gustavo Medina said,“The government maintains a steady position with respect to certain issues, such as that of salaries or the integration of outsourced employees to the permanent base, along with the integration of those employees that have been fired,”  He added that sources from the national (Argentine) government had told him that there “isn’t much that can be done” because the Transport Secretariat “is being managed by the La Fraternidad union,” linked to the incidents that led to the murder of workers’ party member Mariano Ferreyra.

Transport Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi said he will be going to court to file claims against “all those involved in blocking services and preventing hard working citizens from returning to their homes.”

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