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Thursday November 3, 2011

Help Chihuahuas and Friend Survive Hundreds of Bee Stings

Help Chihuahuas and Friend Survive Hundreds of Bee Stings

Photo: Fund Created to Help CA Woman Pay Medical Bills for Dogs Stung by Bees Hundreds of Times

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A dog owner is asking for help paying veterinarian bills after her dogs were stung multiple times by a swarm of bees.

Carissa Musaraca of Chula Vista, is worried she will not be able to pay for the medical care needed by two of her four dogs after a large swarm of bees stung them hundreds of times, causing organ damage and pain.

The 24-year-old’s 14-year-old Chow named Girl was stung more than 100 times, and has had to have all of her fur shaved off to be properly cared for. Her Chihuahua, 8-year-old Boomer, was stung about 50 times. Sadly, Musaraca’s 12-year-old Dalmatian mix, Faith, was stung hundreds of times and died on the way to the veterinarian, after suffering a seizure. A fourth dog, a Chihuahua named Tinkerbell was stung only once and is doing well.

Musaraca, who has owned all of the dogs since they were puppies, said she has no idea where the bees came from. She had given the dogs bones Tuesday morning while they were outside, but when she checked up on them later, she said saw a “gigantic tornado of bees.”

The San Diego-Union Tribune stated:

Chula Vista Deputy Fire Chief Jim Garcia said the bees came from a hive in the back yard of Howell’s house on Ocala Avenue near Tarata Court. Garcia said a few thousand bees were swarming in the yard.

Musaraca and her 77-year-old grandmother were also stung but did not need medical attention.

Exterminators and police officials say that typical bee season is over, so it is frightening that these bees are even around right now. Upon investigation, 50 lbs of honeycomb were found, and none of the home’s residents have been allowed back.

For those wishing to help Musaraca care for her beloved animals, which she said are “like my family,” donations can be called into Otay Pet Vets, where the dogs are being treated, on Musaraca’s behalf. The animal hospital can be reached at (619) 421-1698.