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Latino Daily News

Monday June 3, 2013

Frozen Lobster Tails Cause Galapagos Cruise Cancellations

Frozen Lobster Tails Cause Galapagos Cruise Cancellations

Photo: Frozen Lobster Tails Cause Galapagos Cruise Cancellations

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A small cruise in the Galapagos Islands had its permit to operate revoked for allegedly violating the area’s strict environmental regulations.

Celebrity Cruises was forced to cancel a June 2 trip by the Celebrity Xpedition, a 98-passenger ship, when the Galapagos National Park cited them “for transportation and storage of 12 kilograms of frozen lobster tails in the Galapagos.”

The lobster was reportedly being transported out of season, though a statement from Celebrity Cruises insists the lobster tails “were purchased legally during the season from local fishermen certified by the Park, and that no purchases of lobsters were made out of season.”

Though the park has confirmed the lobster was not purchased out of season, a new regulation demands that all lobsters be consumed within five days of the end of the season.

Celebrity Cruises says they were unaware of the regulatory change when they were cited and fined $2,000 on March, pointing out the regulation was not published until April 22.

The Celebrity Xpedition’s June 2 cruise was canceled and passengers compensated, and the cruise line says it also contacting passengers for the June 9 departure.