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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 26, 2011

From the Altar to the TV Set: Father Alberto Cutie to Host Daily Talk Show on Fox

Father Alberto Cutie, a bestselling author of self-help books and a radio talk show host, is however more well known as a former Roman Catholic priest involved in a love affair that ened his priest hood and resulted in marriage and a baby.  If that does qualify you for a TV talk and variety show nothing does.  Therefore Cutie will now be hosting such a show.

“It’ll be everything from sex to salvation,” Father Alberto was quoted saying, and added he hopes the show will invite “greater dialog” with the audience.

The show is being licensed by Debmar-Mercury and the first station group that has stepped up for a launch test is Fox. 

Debmar-Mercury honchos, Ira Bernstein and Mort Marcus, said that Father Alberto’s “wide cross-over appeal, incredible story, encouraging advice and charismatic personality” make him an ideal match for daytime television. They are considering releasing the Priest’s show in both an English and Spanish format since Father Alberto has a huge following in Latin America.

The show will preview on several Fox stations this summer; Fox test markets will likely include N.Y. and L.A., the country’s top two markets.

Jack Abernethy, CEO of the Fox TV station group, said there has been an immense need for an inspirational show, “Something not dogmatic or rigid but uplifting and helpful to viewers. Such things are big business in other mediums like book publishing and the radio,” he said.

Father Alberto left the Roman Catholic Church two years ago citing ideological differences and to marry the woman he loved. However before he left the church he was photographed without a collar cavorting with a divorcee church member in Miami Beach.  The photos forced Cutie to admit he was having a romantic affair while being a Roman Catholic priest. 

He now an Episcopal minister.