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Latino Daily News

Monday December 20, 2010

Friends of Murdered Mexican Mom Kidnapped and Business Torched while They Attend Funeral (VIDEO)

As Marisela Escobedo was being laid to rest and while her boyfriend, Manuel Monge, was at the funeral his business was torched and his brother kidnapped. 

Escobedo had been shot execution style on Friday in front of the State capital building of of Chihuahua, as she continued her quest to find justice for her murdered sixteen-year-old daughter Ruby.  The alleged murderer of Ruby, Sergio Rafael Barraza, had confessed to the crime but was let go of for lack of evidence.  Escobedo had been protesting the inadequate justice system in Mexico and demanding authorities rearrest Barraza; he is currently in hiding. 

Saturday morning a four-alarm fire occurred at a local lumber owned by Monge, in Cuidad Juarez,  after witnesses saw gunmen douse the building minutes before the fire started.  Monge was at the funeral of his girlfriend but his brother stayed behind to operate the lumber yard and he is now missing and presumed kidnapped. 

Though Mexican authorities are not connecting the shooting death of Marisela Escobedo to the fire or kidnapping everyone else is. Chihuahua’s Attorney General has issued a statement blaming extortionist for the crimes and would not comment on the Escobedo murder. 

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