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Saturday April 30, 2011

Fox Business, The Birther Channel, Still Promoting Falsehoods About Obama’s Birth Certificate

Fox Business, The Birther Channel, Still Promoting Falsehoods About Obama’s Birth Certificate

Photo: Fox Business Channel

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Even after the release of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate, Fox Business guest Alan Keyes still falsely claimed the certificate Obama originally released was inadequate proof of citizenship and that there is a “serious” legal question surrounding whether Obama is a “natural born citizen.”

FactCheck.org: Short-Form Certificate “Meets All Of The Requirements From The State Department For Proving U.S. Citizenship.”

There is no “one kind” of birth certificate. Even the original one that the state provided a copy of was called a “Certificate of Live Birth”, not a “Birth Certificate”!

A “Birth Certificate” is something embossed with a state or county seal that provides evidence of one’s birth, one’s birth name, birth date, parents’ names, city and state of birth, etc. It’s used to prove citizenship and identity.

Some “Birth Certificate’s” are called a “Certificate of Birth” - but it’s still a “Birth Certificate”. And the thing that Obama showed us back in 2008 is a birth certificate too.

The US Constitution has been amended over the years. That changed the meaning of the Constitution, and one change was the 14th amendment. That says that anyone born on US soil who is not the child of a foreign diplomat is entitled to US citizenship.

The rules about what makes someone a US citizen and a natural born citizen that were in existence at the beginnings of the USA were superceded by the 14th amendment. Any pretense that the Constitution wasn’t immediately and permanently changed by that amendment is dishonest.

If the speed limit on a road is lowered from 70 to 65 in 2008, you can’t argue with the judge that there’s some question about what the speed limit was when you were driving on the road in 2011 simply because the speed limit, at one point in time, was 70 mph! When you were driving on the road in 2011, the speed limit was 65, and when Obama was running for office, any child born on US soil was and remains a natural born citizen unless they’ve renounced that citizenship in some way. Obama has never renounced his US citizenship. He’s a natural born citizen.