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Latino Daily News

Monday February 7, 2011

Secretary of Argentina Pres. Nestor Kirchner Says: I was His Lover & Ready to Spill State Secrets

Despite the fact that seemingly, in certain circles of Argentine politics the affair between the late Nestor Kirchner and his secretary Elisabeth Miriam Quiroga was public knowledge, it is not until now that the Argentine news magazine “Noticias” lifted the lid on the pot, and allowed its contents to blow over.

ImageThe scandal too goes beyond the romance between Quiroga and the former president; The woman made the affair public reportedly to get back at current president Cristina Fernández, who following her husband’s death, and as a consequence of the furtive romance between the late Kirchner and his secretary, opted for relieving Quiroga of all her duties, as of January 5th.

ImageHaving lost her job as “Director of the Center for Presidential Documentation” Quiroga did not hesitate on going public with her romance, which she alleges started in the early nineties, when Kirshner was governor of the Santa Cruz province. “We had a really strong bond. I left everything behind to come here with him” She said about her move to Buenos Aires in 2003, when Kirchner was elected president and moved to the Pink House.

According to Quiroga, the reason they gave her for her lay off, was that “Cristina met a militant that she liked, and wishes to adhere her to this post,” though she alleges she was kicked out “like a dog.” Furthermore, Elisabeth says she has the key to the secrets of “Kirchnerism,” and her testimony would be pivotal and essential if she had to declare before justice about the corruption affairs of the Kirshner government. “I handled it all, I was his trusted secretary.” 


Quiroga however, abstained from providing the media with more details, “There are a lot of things that I can’t go out and say […] at some point I want to go back into politics, obviously not under this government, but the question is I don’t want to say anything that may prevent me from coming back some day in the future.