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Latino Daily News

Friday May 23, 2014

Former President of Venezuela Jaime Lusinchi Dies, Age 89

Former President of Venezuela Jaime Lusinchi Dies, Age 89

Photo: Jaime Lusinchi

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Jaime Lusinchi, who was Venezuela’s president from 1984-1989, died at a hospital in Caracas, his Accion Democratica party said. He was 89.

“With sorrow we share that our comrade, former President of the Republic of Venezuela Jaime Lusinchi, just died. Peace be upon his soul,” AD chairman Henry Ramos Allup wrote late Wednesday on Twitter.

The politician’s son had told Efe earlier Wednesday that his father was in critical condition.

“He has spent several days in intensive care with a lung problem that was bothering him since last week and, well, it has been getting worse. The development hasn’t been the most positive, we must prepare for the worst,” Alvaro Lusinchi said.

The former head of state faced accusations of corruption after leaving office, but a court ruled in 1997 that the statute of limitations had run out.

Though Venezuela’s Supreme Court later overturned that decision, the prosecution was never resumed.

In March 2008, the Attorney General’s Office said it intended to file charges against Jaime Lusinchi for the killings of nine suspected guerrillas in May 1986.

The case, known as the Yumare massacre, never reached the courts.


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