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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 7, 2013

Former President George W. Bush Touting the Benefits of Immigration Reform

Former President George W. Bush Touting the Benefits of Immigration Reform

Photo: George W. Bush on Immigration

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Former President George W. Bush is making his own push in support of comprehensive immigration reform saying the system is broken and it must be fixed while making sure people are treated with respect.

Bush made his comments while appearing on this Sunday’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” program.  Having failed at passing immigration reform during his presidency he is well awful of the difficult task at hand. 

“It’s a very difficult bill to pass because there’s a lot of moving parts. And the legislative process — can be ugly. But it looks like they’re making some progress,” he said.

Bush is confident some form of comprehensive immigration reform will pass saying it “has a chance to pass”.  The Senate passed bipartisan legislation last month after adding a “border surge” amendment to the bill.  The House is currently reviewing if they will do anything with the Senate’s bill, draft their own legislation or do nothing at all.

Bush is expected to speak on the issue of immigration this week in Dallas at a citizenship event. 

Interestingly during his interview he did not chastise the many Republicans that oppose immigration reform and/or a path to citizenship.  Bush sees immigration reform as good policy not as a ploy to garner more Latino voters.