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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 31, 2012

Former Miss Mexico, Blanca Soto, Returns to Telenovelas

Former Miss Mexico, Blanca Soto, Returns to Telenovelas

Photo: Blanca Soto Returns to Telenovelas

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The television network Univision on Monday is debuting the primetime soap opera “El Talisman,” in which Mexican actress Blanca Soto is returning to TV after her success in the film “Eva Luna.”

In this production, a father loses everything in a poker game, a situation that will change forever the destiny of his daughter.

Trapped amid a long-standing dispute between the families of two powerful estates, El Alcatraz and El Talisman, Camila Aceves (Soto) and Pedro Ibarra (Rafael Novoa) will be the victims of these unfortunate events.

Pedro is handsome and audacious and despite being cynical about love he cannot avoid opening his heart to Camila.

The attractive but arrogant Antonio Negrete (Aaron Diaz), will weave a web of secrets and lies that will envelop them, along with his sensual and manipulative sister Lorena (Lola Ponce). Together, they will do everything they can to win the game and gain what they most desire: to destroy the relationship between Camila and Pedro.

Before working with Univision, Soto, a former Miss Mexico, starred in several films, including the prizewinning short film “La Vida Blanca” and the 2010 box-office success “Dinner for Schmucks.”