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Latino Daily News

Sunday August 28, 2011

Former Mexican President Fox:  ‘Let’s Make Truce with Drug Cartels’

Former Mexican President Fox:  ‘Let’s Make Truce with Drug Cartels’

Photo: Firebombing in Casino Royale in Monterrey

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox in reaction to the firebombing act of terrorism in Monterrey this week suggested Mexico should think about calling a truce with the drug cartels.

Specifically he is advocating an offer of amnesty in return for peace and non-violence.  In the past the former President advocated for legalizing drugs to remove the financial incentive that motives the drug cartels operating in Mexico.

Crime experts and the current President, Felipe Calderon, do not believe the cartels can be swayed to be anything other than what they are – criminals.  Thursday’s firebombing of the Casino Royale in Monterrey that left at least 53 dead and many injured has outraged the nation and a call for the guilty to be arrested is being heard everywhere.

The government is offering numerous rewards while the country just finished three days of mourning for the victims.  Even some drug cartels are trying to find the culprits and are blaming their rivals for acting as “kidnappers and traitors to the nation.” 

The U.S. Consulate in Mexico is once against reminding U.S. citizens to use caution when traveling in Mexico and to avoid the northern part of the country if possible.  It is not believed any Americans died in the Monterrey firebombing.