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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Former Honduran President Wounded in Shooting

Former Honduran President Wounded in Shooting

Photo: Mel Zelaya

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Honduran former President Mel Zelaya, now a lawmaker and leader of the main opposition Libre party, on Tuesday denounced a shooting attack that left a Tegucigalpa city councilman wounded.

“We are deeply dismayed by what our country is experiencing,” said Zelaya upon repudiating the attack on Rafael Barahona, who was shot in the left arm by unknown attackers as he was driving home on Monday night.

Barahona is a member of the center-left Libre party, which emerged after Zelaya was ousted in a June 2009 coup.

Zelaya also criticized the administration of President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who assumed power on Jan. 27.

The first 100 days of Hernandez’s government have been full “of mourning, of sadness, of tears, taxes and outrages,” Zelaya said at a press conference where he was joined by other Libre legislators.

He added that the current administration is not providing the security it promised and that Hondurans want “peace, not violence.”

Among Hernandez’s campaign promises were fighting common crime, organized crime and drug trafficking.

Hernandez said upon completing his first 100 days in office that although violence has been partly reduced and heavy blows have been struck against organized crime and drug trafficking, there is much left to do and he reiterated that he will not let up in his fight against those scourges.

Honduras, one of the world’s most dangerous countries, is experiencing a crime wave that each day takes an average of 15 lives, according to official statistics.


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