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Latino Daily News

Monday June 2, 2014

Former Guerilla Commander Sworn in as Next President of El Salvador

Former guerrilla commander Salvador Sanchez Ceren on Sunday was sworn in as president of El Salvador for the second consecutive five-year mandate of the FMLN, an ex-guerrilla movement and current political party.

The presidential sash was presented to Sanchez Ceren by the head of the National Assembly, Sigfrido Reyes, who administered the oath to him at the official inauguration ceremony held at the International Fair and Convention Center in San Salvador.

Reyes took the sash from outgoing President Mauricio Funes, who attended the ceremony despite the fact that his mother died on Saturday, and placed it on Sanchez Ceren.

Sanchez Ceren said in his inaugural address that he will govern “for all” with an “absolute commitment to social justice” and that he will fight corruption.

The 69-year-old Sanchez Ceren is the first former guerrilla commander to become president of the Central American country, which suffered through 12 years of armed internal conflict between the guerrillas and the army from 1980-1992.

“We will continue with the commitment to no more corruption” that the Funes administration maintained, said Sanchez Ceren, who was the former leader’s vice president.

“The people’s resources are sacred” and may only be used “for the development and wellbeing of same,” the new president said.

Also sworn in at the ceremony was the new vice president, another former guerrilla, Oscar Ortiz, who for five consecutive terms from 2000 up until 2013 was the mayor of Santa Tecla, a city in central El Salvador.

“I will work tirelessly” to promote actions that “facilitate ... (the) structural changes that El Salvador needs,” the new president said.


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