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Latino Daily News

Monday January 16, 2012

Former El Salvador Guerrillas Continue Occupation of Main Cathedral in Country

One day to go to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the 20th “Peace Accords” in El Salvador and the main church of this country, the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Salvador continues to be occupied by former veterans of the previous armed conflict.

This prevented the celebration of Masses last Sunday and the press conference that the Archbishop of San Salvador, His Exc. Mgr. José Luis Escobar Alas usually held after Mass. According to information provided by the Archdiocese to Fides, the Sunday Mass, which was usually transmitted from the Metropolitan Cathedral through Radio Peace, yesterday was celebrated by the Vicar General, Msgr. Jesus Delgado Acevedo, in the Seminary of San José de la Montagna.

Former combatants who entered the Cathedral at the beginning of last week, have informed a local newspaper that they do not intend to withdraw until a commission to negotiate with the government is established. In this regard, the Attorney for Human Rights, Oscar Luna, has promised to work as a mediator. The requests of ex-combatants regard their reinstatement as veterans of the police; the reinstatement of their representative, Luis Ortega, in parliament; the recognition of their trade union. According to the local press, the former guerrillas also demand the end of the aversion of some political parties towards former guerrillas.