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Latino Daily News

Monday August 13, 2012

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro Turns 86

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro Turns 86

Photo: Fidel Castro Turns 86-Year-Old

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The former President of Cuba and brother of current President Raul Castro, Fidel Castro turns 86-years-old today.  The ailing Castro’s last public appearance was in March during Pope Benedict’s visit.

Castro lead his Communist Cuban regime for nearly 50-years until ceding power in 2006, due to health reason, to his younger brother Raul, who is 81.

No public celebrations are planned where Castro is expected to appear.  The country is planning on honoring its ‘heroes of the war on terror’, instead today.  Specifically, Khaleej Times is reporting Rene Gonzalez, part of the Miami Five, who is in prison in the U.S. for spying will be honored.