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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 10, 2010

Betancourt will NOT sue Colombian Government

UPDATE 7/12/10: Former Presidential Candidate and hostage- Ingrid Betancourt said Sunday she has no intention of suing the Colombian government for damages. She does hold the government partially responsible for her kidnapping as they pulled her bodyguards and denied her access to a helicopter, which could have allowed her to avoid the rebel-controlled roads she was seized on. She has stressed though that she has no intention of suing the government for her six years spent as a hostage.

On the two year anniversary of her release from the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) guerrilla’s, former captive Ingrid Betancourt is suing the Colombian government for $6.5M for her emotional duress and loss of wages.  Betancourt was campaigning for the Presidency when she was kidnapped in 2002, in the southern Capqueta region, though she been warned her safety could not be guaranteed in the region. 

She was held captive for six years in a daring rescue operation conducted in the jungle by Colombian law enforcement.  Colombian reaction has been mostly negative.  The government stated its law enforcement officers risked their lives in the rescue operations and many Colombian people see this as an act of ingratitude. 


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