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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 19, 2011

From Drug Trafficker to Screenwriter, Andres Lopez Writes Another Book, Will be Made into Film

The much anticipated launch of “El cartel de los Sapos 2” by Colombian writer Andres Lopez Lopez is now taking place in the US and Puerto Rico. This true story brings to life the real players of one of the most fearsome drug cartels in the world: The Norte del Valle Cartel.

The book will soon be released on the big screen, starring Manolo Cardona and Tom Sizemore, and will also include the first part of the saga recounted in “El cartel de los sapos.”

“El cartel de los sapos 2” unveils previously unknown aspects of the relationship between the drug mafias and paramilitary groups, the role placed by Carlos and Vicente Castano of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (or AUC, in Spanish) in the business operations. It portrays a frightening picture of how freely the rival criminal groups moved within the country to carry out their plots for revenge, planned assassinations, and cargo distribution.

The author entered the drug world under the command of the Norte del Valle Cartel. He quickly ascended within the organization until he became the target of .S. drug agencies. After surviving the conflicts that arose among his comrades, he gave himself up to the US judicial system in 2001.  He now spends his time writing for film and television.