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Latino Daily News

Thursday May 26, 2011

Former Bishop and Paraguayan President in His Own ‘Love Child’ Scandal

Former Bishop and Paraguayan President in His Own ‘Love Child’ Scandal

Photo: Fernando Lugo

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Former Catholic bishop and Paraguayan President, Fernando Lugo, is finding himself in his own ‘Love Child’ scandal.  Benigna Leguizamón, 28-years old, is certain her 8 year old is the fruit of her love affair with Lugo.

Leguizamón’s attorney has told the press that she expects Lugo to be summoned by a judge very soon, as she has requested DNA tests to be performed on the former catholic bishop.

The woman was part of the cleaning crew of the “Diocese of San Pedro”, where Lugo acted as bishop.

Benigna Leguizamón also said the president lied to her, “ He promised me a house and 2 million Guaraníes (US$500) a month. He gave me the house but without a title and since last August, I don’t receive a single penny from the father of my son—the President,” she said.

“I am sure I’m going to win this trial,” a confident Leguizamón pronounced.

Lugo has another child, conceived during his bishop ministry days; Guillermo Armindo (4) his son with 26 year old Viviana Carrillo.  Some reports put Viviana ages at under 18 year old when her relationships with Lugo started.  Currently, Lugo is not married and his sister, Mercedes, acts as the country’s first lady.