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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 29, 2013

For 22-nd Year U.N. Demands End to 51-Year-Old U.S.-Cuba Embargo

The U.N. General Assembly again pronounced itself overwhelmingly against the U.S. embargo on Cuba.

The vote to condemn the embargo was 188-2 with 3 abstentions.

Similar resolutions were approved in each of the preceding 21 years.

The United States and Israel voted “no,” while Palau, which in 2012 had voted against it, joined with the Marshall Islands and Micronesia on Tuesday in abstaining.

The voting took place after a debate in which all who participated, except for the representative of the United States, declared their opposition to the embargo and asked for it to be raised.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez took the floor to recount once more the consequences that the embargo and the Helms-Burton Law have, not only on the Cuban economy, but also on other fields such as healthcare.

Rodriguez stressed that after nearly 51 years of the embargo and more than 20 years of its rejection by the United Nations, U.S. policy toward Cuba remains “absolutely isolated and discredited worldwide.”

The U.S. representative replied that the embargo has become “a scapegoat” that the Cuban government uses to justify that country’s economic problems.

The United States representative said that his country exported to Cuba in 2012, despite the restrictions, products worth almost $465 million, including food, medical equipment, medicines and humanitarian articles.


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