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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 5, 2012

Football NOT Futbol - NFL Eyes Regular Season Games in Mexico

Football  NOT  Futbol - NFL Eyes Regular Season Games in Mexico

Photo: Football in Mexico

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The National Football League is looking to play a regular season game in Mexico, a country that has become the league’s priority market in Latin America, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said.

In addition to playing regular season games in Britain, the league wants to expand into Latin America, focusing on Mexico, as part of its international expansion strategy, the commissioner said.

The NFL plans to execute a disciplined expansion strategy, using Britain and Mexico as bases to expand into Europe and Latin America, respectively, Goodell said.

Playing a regular season NFL game in Mexico is “something we’d like to get done sooner than later,” the commissioner said.

El comisionado dijo a periodistas que hay un gran interés en América Latina para jugar este deporte.

“This is something that we have discussed with our partners in Mexico and that we would like very much,” Goodell said.

The league and its partners will have to work together to make games in Mexico a possibility, the commissioner said.

“We believe it can be very successful and very good for Mexico and for our fans,” Goodell said.

The San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals played a regular season game in Mexico during the 2005 season.