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Friday February 14, 2014

Florida Students, Scientists Reveal “RoboCop” Prototype

Florida Students, Scientists Reveal “RoboCop” Prototype

Photo: RoboCop (Florida International University)

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A team of scientists and students at Miami’s Florida International University has developed a prototype of “RoboCop.”

Measuring 1.83 meters (6 ft) tall and weighing 34 kilos (75 lbs), the movements of the mechanism’s arms and hands are reminiscent of some of the humanoids of science fiction.

The prototype, named TeleBot, was presented in Miami.

It is a robot that combines elements of telepresence and robotics with the aim of allowing disabled police and military personnel to serve as patrol officers, Irvin Cardenas, one of the 12 students participating in the development of the project at FIU’s Discovery Lab, told Efe.

Cardenas, a 22-year-old math and computer science major, is convinced that this remote-controlled robot could patrol the streets of Miami.

“The robot will continue to be developed and we’ll add more and more functions. We’re sure that it will work well and will be able to undertake many tasks,” Cardenas said.

Despite the fact that the prototype’s development is still in the initial phase after a little over a year of work, there are already companies that have shown their interest in the model and the functions that are being created for it.

“There are other robots in the world that require years and years of development. We’ve devoted our time, sometimes almost 24 hours a day, along with Prof. (Jong-Hoon) Kim, working on the harddrive and mechanisms to improve it,” he said.

“This type of project demands a lot of work, skill in the technology field” and money, said Dr. Kim, the director of the Discovery Lab.

The TeleBot was launched as a project in 2012, when U.S. Navy Reserve Lt. Cmdr. Jeremy Robins donated $20,000 to the Discovery Lab to develop the idea.


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