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Latino Daily News

Monday January 17, 2011

Florida Rep. Rivera’s “thank you” Expenditures Under Investigation

Florida  Rep. Rivera’s “thank you” Expenditures Under Investigation

Photo: David Rivera

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David Rivera dropped out of the Florida state Senate race last year when he decided to run for Congress. When this happens, the funds raised for the Senate race need to be separated and need to follow very specific state campaign rules for expenditures.

Rivera’s state Senate campaign had $379,000 in unspent donations and campaign finance rules do not allow for the transferring of the funds into a federal race.

Politicians are allowed to expense campaign funds on “Thank You “ advertising, so they may thank their supporters.

David Rivera was very grateful indeed for support of a race that he dropped out of.
$75,000 went to a company called ACH, incorporated the day following the first donation and dissolved on Dec 23,2010. Records have not been supplied although requested.

From 2004 to 2010, Rivera spent almost $243,000 in campaign donations on ``thank you’’ expenses—far more than any other state candidate, and accounting for almost one-quarter of all the thank-you money spent in Florida during that period, a Miami Herald analysis of state campaign data found.