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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 6, 2013

Florida Man Shoots Himself in Genitals with Flair Gun

Florida Man Shoots Himself in Genitals with Flair Gun

Photo: Florida Man Shoots Himself in Genitals with Flair Gun

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A Florida man is recovering from injuries he received after shooting himself in the groin.

On Sunday, 23-year-old Jorge Perez was playing with an unloaded flare gun. After dry firing a few times, Perez told deputies he loaded the gun and put it down. Later, forgetting he had loaded it, Perez picked up the flare gun and accidentally fired at the ground.

Pieces of the flare ricocheted off the floor and caused burns and lacerations to his genitals and surrounding area.

Perez, of Lehigh Acres, was taken to the hospital after Lee County Sheriff’s deputies responded to his 911 call.

This is not the only person have accidentally fired and shot themselves or others in recent years.

In August, a man shot himself with a gun he had made because he was a felon and not allowed to purchase a firearm.

In June, a fellow Floridian survived being shot in the head with a spear gun while he and friends were out on the water. Earlier that month a young man had been drinking with his father when he pointed a gun at his own head. Thinking removing the magazine had removed all the bullets in the gun, the young man pulled the trigger and shot himself in the head. He had forgotten the chamber holds one round.