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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 24, 2010

Florida Hispanic Senatorial Candidate MARCO RUBIO Receives Key Endorsement

Republican Senatorial candidate for Florida, Marco Rubio, received a key endorsement of support from the U.S Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber typically supports Republican pro-business candidates and felt that Rubio “has an appreciation for free enterprise” that the other candidates do not.

The Chamber is critical to any candidate’s success because it brings in a vast funding network to candidates it supports.  The U.S. Chamber is projected to spend $75million on this year’s midterm elections alone.  Rubio is in a tight race with former Republican, now independent Governor Charlie Crist.

Rubio and the Chamber both share the same point of view on Bush-era tax cuts “lets keep them” but differ on a key Florida-centric issue, the trade embargo wth Cuba.  Rubio wants to keep the embargo in place until democracy comes to Cuba while the Chamber actively promotes the lifting of the embargo in line with the view of most Americans.



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