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Latino Daily News

Monday August 25, 2014

Florida Authorities Rescue Distressed Haitian Immigrants, One Found Dead in Water

One migrant died, two were rescued from the waves and 17 others were detained after arriving early Monday morning on a South Florida beach, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

The two immigrants rescued from the water are of Haitian origin, Coast Guard spokesperson Marilyn Fajardo told Efe, adding that another immigrant was detained and later transported by emergency personnel to a hospital.

One immigrant died and her body was recovered in Hillsboro Beach, which is north of Miami, and a total of 16 migrants who made it ashore - all of them apparently Haitian - are now in the custody of the Border Patrol, Fajardo added.

The immigration agreement signed between the United States and Haiti in 1981 establishes that any undocumented Haitian intercepted by U.S. authorities must be repatriated, and it is probable that the people in Border Patrol custody will be sent back to the impoverished Caribbean nation.


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