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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 2, 2013

Flores Sisters Get Fans Up On Their Feet in Quito

Flores Sisters Get Fans Up On Their Feet in Quito

Photo: Lolita and Rosario Flores

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Sisters Lolita and Rosario Flores, the musical heirs and daughters of Lola Flores (“La Faraona”), heated up a chilly Ecuadorian capital on the weekend with their “Las Flores” concert at which they blended art and history in an amalgam of flamenco, rumba and pop.

Each with her particular style, the pair wowed the thousands of Quito residents packing the Teatro Nacional de la Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriano, which resounded throughout the evening with ovations, applause and singing from the audience.

“Las Flores” is the name of the show the Spanish singers are bringing to the Americas and on Saturday they came to Quito to retrace their musical histories, which began during the 1970s.

The singers, daughter of the famous Spanish actress and singer Lola Flores, who died in 1995, dazzled the crowd with a show combining excellent delivery and passion.

The crowd vibrated to the assorted beats and sang along with Rosario, in particular on her popular numbers “Como quieres que te quiera” and “Algo contigo,” while Lolita brought the concertgoers to their feet with “Prohibiciones” and “No renunciare.”

Rosario, the younger of the pair, also performed her hits “Gipsy funky,” “Por tu ausencia,” “Al son del tambor,” “Te quiero vida mia” and “Estoy aqui,” which got the younger members of the audience up and dancing.

Lolita, on the other hand, for the older members of the audience performed her well-known numbers “Amor, amor,” “Mia,” “Pena, penita, pena,” “Amnesia” and “Sarandonga.”

After a tour de force lasting more than two hours, the Flores sisters bade farewell to the Quito crowd, who responded with a fabulous ovation and calls for encores.