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Latino Daily News

Monday April 22, 2013

F**King, S**T On-Air Debut for A.J. Clemente Ends One Day Career (VIDEO)

Novice TV anchor was enjoying his first moments on the public airwaves of Bismarck, North Dakota when he was caught on-air with a very foul mouth this weekend.  A. J. Clemente was about to co-anchor NBC Bismarck affiliate, KFYR,  Sunday evening news along with Van Tieu with his gaffe was heard. 

This was to be his first moments on air and clearly nerves got the better of him or he just likes to swear – not sure.

He was preparing to introduce himself to Bismarck, unaware that the news broadcast had started and that his microphone was on.  He was distracted reading some note, we don’t know if he was reading the weather report for Bismarck which is always a bummer or something else when he was overheard saying f**king s**t.

Some say he threw in the word “gay” for good measure when taking about London Marathon winner “Tsegaye Kebede” later in the broadcast.

Seconds later he realized that his broadcast career was basically over at least in the state of North Dakota.  Clemente was quickly introduced by Tieu after the gaffe then rambles about being a recent graduate of West Virginia University, a plug they did not need or want we are sure. 

Clemente, who violated FCC profanity rules, was suspended on Sunday after the newscast and then fired on Monday.  Poor Tieu who was left to do the rest of the news solo has not issued a comment or her own profane thoughts about Clemente’s debut performance. 

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