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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 6, 2011

Five Charities to Support in Peru as Recommended by Expats

Five Charities to Support in Peru as Recommended by Expats

Photo: Orphans in Peru

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Marie Meyer, an expat living in Peru, plans to live out 2011 by the motto ‘charity begins at home’ and wants you to do the same.  Especially those who once lived in Peru and still hold the country in a special place in their heart.

Meyer has designated five very worthwhile organizations in Peru that can benefit greatly with a little help, and they are as follows:

1)  El Refugio: Domingo Ponte 1116, Magdalena del Mar, Lima.
Here Doris Storz, her staff and volunteers take care of 11 children ranging from 3 to 10 years old in a rambling house where Swiss-German and Spanish is spoken, punctuated by many happy shrieks.

The home is organized around Doris as a substitute mother, and with a family structure of 12, meaning there can never be more than 12 children in the home. Some babies are given for adoption by the relevant Peruvian authority, but many children may stay until they turn 18, or until they are able to support themselves.

2)  Casa Hogar Nuevo Amanecer:  470, Urbanizacion Santo Domingo, la Victoria, Lima. This charity, founded in 1990, now provides food and shelter for 40 children, 25 girls and 15 boys, in two separate houses and has a strong evangelical influence.

3) Nuestro Pequeño Hermanos Orphanage:  Cañete orphanage benefitting 70 children currently all in rented accommodations.

4)  Help Them Hope:  Founded on the belief that sustained health and education can be a path out of poverty for people with debilitating medical conditions. They hope to help children by supporting their education and giving them the tools to progress even amongst lots of challenges, such as poverty and lack of family support.

5)  Health in the Amazon: Bringing better access to healthcare to the people of the Amazon jungle of Peru. They organize two-day educational seminars for the promotores (lay health workers) and midwives, taught by the staff in the surrounding clinics of Mazan and Orellana. Medicines and medical supplies are delivered every three months to each village, diminishing their need to leave the village for simple care


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