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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Fish Tale Betrayal: Fishermen Have 300-lb Mystery Fish Stolen (VIDEO)

Fish Tale Betrayal: Fishermen Have 300-lb Mystery Fish Stolen (VIDEO)

Photo: Fish Tale Betrayal: Fishermen Have 300-lb Mystery Fish Stolen

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A video taken in Cabo San Lucas by fishermen aboard the Dr. Pescado II fishing boat on November 1st is undeniable proof that another boat not only stole a rare fish from them, but also lied about it and posed for pictures with their amazing catch before cutting it up and eating it.

It had been more than 20 years since anyone had seen the impressively huge species of fish known as louvar or Luvarus Imperialis, so when the fishermen aboard the Pescado II saw it what would later be identified as a louvar circling on top of the water less than four miles from the Lighthouse off Cabo they were eager to catch the massive fish.

After snatching the 300lb fish, the fishermen decided they wanted to stay out in the water to continue fishing. Not wanted the louvar to spoil in the hot sun, the Pescado II radioed a nearby boat that was heading back to shore.

Those aboard the Marina II agreed to take the fish back to shore and put it on ice for those aboard the Pescado II, an agreement angler Joe Estrada said can be heard on a video captured during the trip.

Estrada was in Cabo, having come down from San Antonio and chartered the Pescado II.

The Marina II took the huge fish back to land and the anglers on Pescado II continued to fish.

Hours later, however, when they arrived back on shore, Estrada and the others discovered their massive fish had not only been claimed by the Marina II and its Capt. Josue Moreno.

Not only had Morena and his fishermen taken credit for the catch, they also posed for photos with it and cut it up, sharing filets with those on the piers.

When the Pescado II returned, they found their fish had been chopped up and was completely gone, leaving nothing for them.

Both the Pescado II and the Marina II work under the greater Pisces Sportfishing Fleet. The company had posted the photos of the fish and Morena standing next to it on their Facebook page before learning the truth about the rare fish find. On November 5th, the company says it learned of the lie and posted a correction.

The video below and a correction were made on the Facebook page.

Moreno posted the following on the company’s page:

My friends and I wanted you to know that we are extremely gracious for your efforts in correcting the story on our behalf. We had the trip of a life time, and you posting the true story made it better. After the loss of the fish, it was gratifying to know the truth did prevail. You were inconvenience and pursued the righteous course of action. For that we will be grateful and respected. Obviously you are a get it done kind of person.

Thank you,

Joe (Moreno)

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