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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 4, 2011

First Latina Playboy Bunny to Become Successful Actress and Model

First Latina Playboy Bunny to Become Successful Actress and Model

Photo: Maria Richwine

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Maria Richwine is the first Latina Playboy Bunny to make it as a serious actress and model. Born Maria Agudelo in Colombia, he father brought the family to New York City when she was a little girl. Later the family moved to LA where Maria studied various forms of dance for eight years. While teaching an aerobics class, one of her students recruited her to be a Playboy Bunny, which she did for four years.

Ms Richwine began taking acting classes and soon was receiving rave reviews. After seeing Audrey Hepburn perform, Maria says she left a lasting impression on the young actress, who wanted to be just like her.

Richwine feels, “To be an instrument of illusion, pretending to be different people, on a big screen and tell stories that would somehow move and inspire other little girls. I’m still moved by great performances and I love to go see plays and films whenever possible.”
When asked about her time as a Playboy Bunny:
“That was probably the best and most fun job that I have ever had and I would do it again in a nano second. At first I was reluctant because I was a bit of a feminist back in the 70’s.
As I grew into it, I knew that Mr. Hefner was giving the girls great opportunities. He set up scholarships for anyone who wanted to continue with an education. There were girls who were going to Law School, Medical School, training for the Police Academy, single mothers, actresses etc… I was studying acting during that time and was grateful for the job, which gave me so much freedom to pursue a new career.”

Recently, Maria was cast as a regular in the upcoming cybernovela “The Devil You Know” directed by P. David Ebersole, which is now in postproduction. She is currently working on a new Web series “The Healers” starring opposite Richard Yniguez. Mr. Yniguez is also the writer, director and producer of the new project with the collaboration of the director of photography Armando Acevedo and editor Pablo Picazo.
According to Maria, this is a very exciting time in her career and she is grateful for all the new opportunities coming her way. Maria resides in Los Angeles with her husband Andrew, her son Quincy and their dog Homer.