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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 12, 2014

FINALLY: World’s First Burrito Vending Machine

FINALLY: World’s First Burrito Vending Machine

Photo: Burritobox.com

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Human ingenuity has just provided something for all you burrito lovers out there – especially those that don’t want to wait in a long Chipotle order line.  A Los Angeles, West Hollywood gas station is debuting the “Burritobox” vending machine that offers five different flavored burritos, each selling for $3.

The Burritobox offers a chorizo sausage, free-range chicken, roasted potato, shredded beef or uncured bacon burrito.  And for burrito lovers that want a customized burrito you can pay extra for a side of guacamole, sour cream and/or Tabasco.

The burritos are billed as 100% natural with no hormones or antibiotics using cage-free eggs.  The company also claims to have produced the “world’s first interactive kiosk” delivering a “delicious” burrito.  Clearly technology is advanced enough to fold your tortilla without the human touch neatly around all the ingredients.

An extra goody that comes with the “Burritobox” is that it heats your burrito piping hot so you can enjoy it right away, no need for microwaving.  While you wait for a 30 second heating you can watch music videos – MY GOD - they thought of everything.

Thus far reviews are not glowing on the burrito from the Burritobox.  Words like “mushy,” “slightly undercooked” and “colorless” have all been used, critics likening the burrito to a microwave version. 

Another Los Angeles location is planned for later this month. 



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