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Latino Daily News

Monday November 1, 2010

Final Latino Decisions Tracking Poll Indicates Democrats Winning Latino Vote

On this, the eve of the 2010 Midterm Elections, the Latino Decisions tracking poll finds a Latino vote more energized, more enthused, and significantly more Democratic than at the start of the general election campaign.

Overall, with undecided voters pushed to make a decision, they are reporting 70% vote intention for Democrats, and 30% for Republicans, on the generic ballot midterm question. The poll also found a Latino electorate still ambivalent about the Obama administration and still not convinced on its commitment to the cause of comprehensive immigration reform, which was promised, but for a variety of reasons failed to come up in the administration’s first two years.

Meanwhile, Obama approval has dropped back to about 65%. This number is over four percentage points higher than 8 weeks ago but is actually 6% weaker than on October 4.