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Latino Daily News

Saturday February 5, 2011

File Your Taxes for Free at One Stop Career Centers

File Your Taxes for Free at One Stop Career Centers

Photo: "The only things certain in life are death and taxes." -Benjamin Franklin

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Tax season is upon us and while online filing makes it an easy process, there are still many who do not have access to home computers.  Everyone should know that computers at One Stop Career Centers are available for those who wish to file online.

Preparing a tax return can sometimes be stressful and confusing. Stressful because preparing one’s own taxes can be challenging, and professional tax preparation is often a costly option.  Confusing because it is not always clear what resources are available for those working on their returns.

Fortunately, for low and moderate income families, there is a resource.  The Free File program allows an estimated 70 percent of all taxpayers to file their returns for free online.  This public-private partnership between the Internal Revenue Service and a number of tax software companies is available to millions.  What is more, some companies offer their software in both English and Spanish.

Free online filing allows low to moderate income workers make sure they take advantage of the credits – such as the Earned Income Tax Credit – that are available to them.  It also speeds the refund process when compared to traditional paper filing.

Free File also offers a secure way for users to prepare their returns.  All information is stored on the servers of the participating software companies.  Nothing is ever saved to a computer’s hard-drive, making accessing a computer at a One Stop or a local library a safe choice for those without computers at home.

Visit www.freefile.irs.gov today to find out if you are eligible and to learn more about the program.  Find the One Stop Career Center nearest you at www.servicelocator.org or by calling 1-877-US2-JOBS.