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Latino Daily News

Friday August 26, 2011

Fiery Massacre in Mexico Leaves at Least 53 Dead, President Declares National Mourning (VIDEO)

Fiery Massacre in Mexico Leaves at Least 53 Dead, President Declares National Mourning  (VIDEO)

Photo: Massacre in Mexico Casino Leaves at Least 53 Dead

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UPDATE:  Mexico’s Felipe Calderon has just declared a national day period of mourning for the victims of the casino massacre.  There will be three days of mourning starting today. 

ORIGINAL:  Monterrey, Mexico was the scene of a fiery massacre when armed men burst into the Casino Royale and set it ablaze, killing at least 53 and injuring scores of others.

The attack happened yesterday at approximately 3:00 p.m. at the popular, local Casino Royale and is considered one of the worse massacres in the city’s history.  According to officials six men burst into the casino and quickly spread a flammable liquid then lit it.  Other reports say that the gunmen ordered everyone to get out but a lot of the senior citizens that go to gamble at the Casino weren’t able to exit quickly enough as they were engulfed by the flames.

President Felipe Calderon called this attack “an aberrant act of terror and savagery.”  Other officials have already laid blame on a drug cartel without identifying which one.  It is not known if the casino was being blackmailed and was firebombed because they refused to pay.

Monterrey is located in the state of Nuevo Leon and has become a killing zone as a result of two major narco cartel’s vying for power.  It has been a common sight to seeing tortured bodies hanging from the cities overpasses.  The Casino was the site of a pre-dawn ambush in January of this year.  In that incident an two armed commando entered the casino, opened fire and locked the doors not allowing anyone to enter or leave.