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Latino Daily News

Monday January 31, 2011

Fewer Mexicans Remaining Monogamous

Fewer Mexicans Remaining Monogamous

Photo: breaking of marriage vows

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Recently, psychiatrist Alfredo Whaley revealed that only a small fraction of Mexicans are remaining monogamous these days, and unfaithfulness is not only common among men anymore.

Whaley said that he believes “infidelity in couples is now a fixture of the human condition,” and added that the number of unfaithful women is increasing, but it is not a revenge-type thing in most cases.

The psychiatrist stated, ““They also cheat on their partners and they do so not only as a reaction to boredom, lack of affection or as a way of taking revenge, but also to satisfy their sexual appetites, for the emotional and physical pleasure of it, and is an individual choice that each one makes.”

The increase of infidelity amongst women has probably only come to light recently, because unlike their “muy macho” counterparts, women are more secretive in their actions. The men are more likely to tell friends of their sexual conquests, while unfaithful women can be so discreet it takes their husbands years to discover any infidelity.

It was noted that the idea of the stay-at-home, selfless, and faithful “little lady” back home is becoming outdated, and women are even paying for sex more often too.

Whaley said the four most common types of infidelity include:

The casual encounter - a one-night stand kind of event, often referred to as just “letting your hair down.”

Romantic infidelity - a type of relationship involving the fantasy of love and often experienced with someone married to another. Whaley says, “These are relationships that seek erotic arousal imbued with infatuation.”

Structural infidelity - these affairs are to “get back” at their partner, revenge, “a permanent perverse aggression.”

Cultural infidelity - a primarily male occurrence, as they seek a mistress to have a “home away from home, “ and to seem macho.