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Latino Daily News

Monday March 26, 2012

Fetuses Found in Luggage Arriving in Miami from Cuba

Fetuses Found in Luggage Arriving in Miami from Cuba

Photo: Fetuses Found in Luggage Arriving in Miami from Cuba

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A Miami-Dade Police spokesman recently revealed that human fetuses were discovered in the luggage of two women who had recently arrived in Florida from Cuba earlier this year.

On January 30, customs agents reportedly found two fetuses in luggage belonging to women believed to be in their 60s and 70s. The clay pot was X-rayed and revealed what appeared to be the bones of a small baby. Upon investigation, it was revealed that their were in fact two fetuses in the container - one female and one male.

No charges were filed, as a medical examination found that the fetuses had only been developed to about 20 weeks-old and were both still born.

The women insisted that they did not know what was is the jar, saying that a Santeria priest asked them to deliver is to someone in Miami.

Cuban security officials say they investigated how the fetuses made it past their usually tight security unnoticed.

The discovery of the fetuses happened to occur while a TV crew was filming of an upcoming episode of unnamed reality show. The show, which is scheduled to premiere this Spring, will reportedly take viewers in the “no-entry” zone of Miami International Airport.