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Latino Daily News

Friday June 6, 2014

Felipe Expected to be Proclaimed Spain’s New King in 2 Weeks

Felipe Expected to be Proclaimed Spain’s New King in 2 Weeks

Photo: Prince Felipe

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The proclamation of Crown Prince Felipe as Spain’s next monarch “very probably” will take place on June 19, one day after King Juan Carlos approves the law regarding his abdication, official sources said Thursday.

Neither the Royal Palace nor the Parliament has confirmed the date of the proclamation yet.

The day on which Juan Carlos - who announced Monday that is he abdicating in favor of his son - plans to sign the law during a solemn ceremony in the Royal Palace has not been confirmed either.

Sources with the Royal Palace said that once the lower house of Parliament set a date of June 11 for their vote on the bill, the only thing being awaited now is for the Senate to schedule a vote.

After being approved by the upper house, the logical thing, according to the same sources, is for the act of approval to be held immediately thereafter in the Royal Palace and, the next day, King Felipe VI will be proclaimed at a joint session of Parliament.

The Spanish monarch said Monday he was abdicating in favor of his son after nearly 39 years on the throne.

“Today, a younger generation deserves to move to the forefront, with new energy, committed to carrying out the transformations and reforms that the current situation demands with determination,” the king said, referring to 46-year-old Prince Felipe.

King Juan Carlos said he began preparing to step down in January, when he turned 76.

Juan Carlos ascended to the throne on Nov. 22, 1975, and his son, Felipe de Borbon, became Prince of Asturias, the title held by the heir to the Spanish Crown, in January 1977.


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