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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 15, 2010

¡Felicidades! Nicaragua on Your 189th Year of Independence

Today, all of Nicaragua is celebrating and rejoicing its 189-year old independence from Spain.  The Spanish arrived in the 1500’s and stayed for nearly 300 years as it colonized the region, enslaved native populations and decimated the island with smallpox.  Independence came in 1821 when Nicaragua declared itself independent from Spain as did four other Central American countries. 

Nicaragua the largest Central American country in terms of land mass has a proud history of struggle and success.  After years of military regimes, coups and wars the country is looking to become an eco-tourist center with its abundant natural beauty as the back drop.  The country’s economic growth has been a key issue in the government’s human development plan, further strengthening it through different activities, such as the promotion of renewable energy projects in the country in order to transform its current oil-based energy generation matrix.

The country’s estimated 6 million residents started its independence celebrations on September 12 with different folkloric events occurring throughout the country.  Today the Act of Independence of Central America is read in all state schools honoring the battle of San Jacinto with the Festival Nacional de Bandas Ritimicas as the highlight of independence day events.