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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 30, 2010

Federal Border Courts Ask Obama for $40M in Anticipation of More Immigration Cases Coming

The federal courts of the five border states have informed President Barrack Obama that no funding was identified for them in the $600M border security package announced several weeks ago.  The federal courts located within the U.S-Mexico border states, have seen a dramatic increase in criminal cases involving immigration since 2005 and more are expected with the increase in border security funding. 

The significant increase started in 2005, especially to the Arizona federal courts, is a result of increased law enforcement and the Border Patrol, that levels charges, as more committed to prosecuting on the charge of “illegal entry” rather than sending the detainee to a civil court for deportation proceedings.  As states spend $600M of their portion for border security another large increase in cases is expected as more individuals are charged as criminals for entering the country illegally.

Immigration criminal cases before federal courts in New Mexico and southern California have doubled, in Texas they grew by 70% and in Arizona case loads tripled.  These border courts hear 75% of the criminal immigration cases in the United States.  Should President Obama agree to the request the funds would secure one judge for each of the five federal districts, more attorneys and more overall staffing to support the glut of cases.


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