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Latino Daily News

Monday December 9, 2013

Fear of Deportation Possible Cause of Crossbow Murder-Suicide in Florida

An Ecuadoran man’s fear of deportation may have led to a three-day odyssey that left his wife, young son killed by crossbow, another son injured and the man dying by slicing his own throat.

Fifty-three-year-old Pedro Jose Maldonado and his family had overstayed their visas from Ecuador and had become fearful of deportation.  Maldonado also suffered a financial setback when his export business to South America was failing.  Reportedly the family’s visas had expired and they had reapplied but had not been granted an extended stay.

This perfect storm of life crisis’ came to a head this past Monday when apparently Maldonado killed his 47-year-old wife Monica Narvaez-Maldonado and their 17-year-old son, Pedro Jose, in the family’s Fort Lauderdale townhouse.  The family members were killed by a handheld crossbow, each was struck once in the head.

Maldonado then drove over 400 miles to Tallahassee where his 21-year-son is a student at Florida State University.  Arriving on Tuesday he went to his son Jose’s apartment then attempted to kill his son with a crossbow.  The son fortunately survived the murder attempt and was only grazed in the ear but his father then attempted to strangle him.  Unbelievably the son did not report the attempted murder by his father. 

His father left Tallahassee to Lake City, Florida some 100 miles east of Tallahassee.  There he confessed the murder of his family to a friend via phone.  Authorities immediately attempted to locate the disturbed man.  He was tracked to a motel where a SWAT team was deployed. 

Florida authorities report Maldonado on Wednesday morning was found inside the motel room with his throat slit in a suicide. 

According to the Miami Herald the Maldonado family had moved to the townhouse earlier this year and kept to themselves.  The younger son was a standout high-school student at Cypress Bay High School where he played in the band. 

The family is now trying to raise funds to send the bodies back to their native Ecuador.


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