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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 1, 2010

Fear for Safety Keep American Students Home

Fear for Safety Keep American Students Home

Although no American students have been known to have been hurt in Mexico’s drug violence, safety concerns are keeping students home.

“To make an analogy,” said Geoffrey E. Braswell, an associate anthropology professor at the University of California, San Diego “I would not have considered taking students to Mississippi during the early 1960s or to Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention, but other parts of the U.S. were, of course, safe for travel. Mexico is that way.”
In March two Technologico de Monterrey students were killed when fighting erupted between drug traffickers and soldiers.

The state departments issued a warning then that lead to the cancelation of many Universities study abroad programs scheduled for Mexico. It is not only Universities in the border cities like Ciudad Juárez and Reynosa where violence has erupted very close to the campuses that are affected, but Universities hundreds of miles away from the violence as well.


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