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Tuesday December 27, 2011

Father Moises Garcia Has Daughter Returned After Being Taken to Japan by Mother

Father Moises Garcia Has Daughter Returned After Being Taken to Japan by Mother

Photo: Moises Garcia with daughter Karina, 9

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A Wisconsin father had a very Merry Christmas this year, after his daughter, who had been taken to Japan by her mother, was finally brought back to him after a years-long custody battle.

Moises Garcia, 39, picked up his daughter Karina at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport Saturday and drove to Garcia’s home in Fox Point, Wisconsin after a very long and expensive 4-year custody battle with her mother.

The physician had been without his daughter since February 2008, when her mother, 43-year-old Emiko Inoue, a Japanese women living in the U.S., took the girl to Japan with her shortly after Garcia filed for divorce. Inoue ignored court orders to return with the girl, as she did not have legal custody, but last February she was arrested and pled no contest to interfering with child custody. An agreement was reached the Inoue would be convicted of a misdemeanor and allowed to leave jail if she returned Karina, 9, to Garcia.

Despite everything, Inoue’s attorney says the goal is to give Karina two parents.

The girl’s return is remarkable, as she is one of about 300 children kidnapped and taken to Japan that has actually been returned.

Garcia had help and support from Global Future, which is an advocacy group for parents. Patrick Braden, the group’s founder said he hopes Garcia’s case will make it easier for parents to brings back their children who have been taken by another parent to Japan.

Braden himself has a child still in Japan.