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Latino Daily News

Saturday March 16, 2013

Father Accidentally Shoots 10-Month-Old Baby in Tennessee

Father Accidentally Shoots 10-Month-Old Baby in Tennessee

Photo: Gun violence

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A 10-month-old baby was fatally shot by his father inside a hotel room in Nashville, Tennessee, police said Friday.

The baby, Adam Bass, was shot in the chest and died immediately, even though police arrived just minutes after receiving a report about the sound of a gun going off, NBC reported.

Larry Bass, 30, was holding his semi-automatic pistol when the gun accidentally discharged.

His wife, 28-year-old Jacqueline Bass, and the couple’s other two children were also in the room. None of them were hurt but they all witnessed the fatal accident.

The Tennessean newspaper said the family, which had come from Texas, checked into the motel near Nashville International Airport in late January.

Larry Bass was in Nashville working on the construction of an auditorium for the city.

“The parents are very, very distraught over what’s happened, and the police department does not believe this was an intentional act,” Nashville Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said.

Adam Bass would have had his first birthday on May 1.